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So aktivierst du iCloud Drive auf deinem Apple TV

Rufe das Hauptmenü deines Apple TV auf.
Gehe zu den „Einstellungen“.
Wähle „Accounts“ aus.
Klicke auf „iCloud“ und melde dich mit deiner Apple-ID an.


Infuse includes many adjustable options which can be adjusted for many specific use cases. Below is an overview of what each setting does.


  • Show Synced Videos (iOS only) - Allow Infuse to access synced iTunes videos
Synced iTunes Videos sind Videos, die über die iTunes-Anwendung auf deinem Computer mit deinem Apple-Gerät wie einem iPhone, iPad oder iPod Touch synchronisiert wurden. iTunes bietet die Möglichkeit, deine 
Mediensammlung, einschließlich Musik, Filme, TV-Sendungen und andere Videoinhalte, zu verwalten und auf deine Geräte zu übertragen.
  • Show Filenames - Display full filenames instead of titles
  • File Management - Allow remote videos to be deleted
  • List View (Apple TV only) - Switch from grid to list view
  • Sort Order - Adjust the default sort order for browsing files
  • Show Poster Titles - Display video titles below posters in grid view
  • Appearance - Toggle light/dark mode (On Apple TV, this is set in the tvOS Settings > General > Appearance menu)
  • App Icon - Toggle light/dark app icon
  • Metadata Fetching - Allow metadata and artwork to be fetched from TMDB
  • Embedded Metadata - Allow Infuse to read metadata/artwork embedded inside your files (This will slow down metadata fetching)


  • Subtitles - Display subtitles by default, if present.
  • Continuous Playback - Automatically play the next video
  • Resume Playback - Choose what happens when resuming videos


  • Trakt - Log in and adjust Trakt settings (More info)
  • iCloud Sync - Allow library details to sync via iCloud ([[1]])

Collections & Groups

Collections in Infuse is a way to group sequels and other related movies together. Infuse supports automatic collections from TMDB as well as custom collections.
TMDB Collections
TMDB has many collections available that will group true sequels together (EG Iron Man, James Bond, Die Hard, etc...) TMDB collections are enabled by default, but can be disabled in the Settings > Collections and Groups 
Custom Collections
Custom collections can be used alongside or in place of TMDB collections. These are a little more versatile as they are 100% customizable and can include anything you like - such as movies, an entire TV series, or just a 
single TV season.
To add an item to a custom collection, long press on a poster and select the Collections option (or use the option available on details page). Select an existing collection or create a new one.

  • Group Movies Into Collections - Show collections instead of individual movies while browsing movie categories
  • Group TV Shows Into Collections - Show collections instead of individual series while browsing TV show categories
  • TMDB Collections - Group movies sequels into collections based on info from TMDB
  • Custom Collections - Show custom collections you have created


  • 5.1 Audio over HDMI (iOS only) - Allow for 5.1 passthrough when using HDMI adapters
  • Volume Boost - Provide boost for audio volume, up to 300% (this can also be enabled on a per-video basis through the Playback Menu while a video is playing)


  • Audio - Choose your preferred language for audio tracks
  • Subtitles - Choose your preferred language for subtitle tracks
  • Metadata - Choose your preferred language for metadata and artwork

Parental Controls

  • Restrictions - Enable Parental Controls
  • Use Face/Touch ID (iOS/macOS only) - Enable Face/Touch ID
  • Change Passcode - Set a new passcode


Individual movies Pulp Fiction (1994).mkv Inception.avi Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-2014.mp4 Movies grouped into folders with related files (images, subtitles, etc...) /Movies/Pulp Fiction (1994)

> Pulp Fiction (1994).mkv
> Pulp Fiction (1994).srt
> Pulp Fiction (1994).jpg
> Pulp Fiction-fanart.jpg
> Pulp Fiction.nfo


> Inception.avi
> Inception.jpg
> Inception-fanart.jpg
> Inception.xml

Including the release year in the filename is not required, but it can help get more accurate results. You can also include the TMDB or IMDb ID number in the filename (in curly brackets) to allow Infuse to find an exact match. Use a structure of {[source]-[id]}. Inception {tmdb-27205}.mkv Inception {imdb-tt1375666}.mkv

TV Shows

Individual TV show episodes

1.	show-name_s01.e02.mkv
2.	show-name_s1e2.mkv
3.	show-name_1x02.mkv
4.	show-name_se1.ep2.mkv
5.	show-name-season1.episode2.mkv
6.	show name/any folder/S01E02.mkv
7.	show name/any folder/01.02 NameOfEpisode.mkv
8.	show name/season 1/02 NameOfEpisode.mkv
9.	show name/season 1/1-02 NameOfEpisode.mkv
10.	show name/season 1/episode 02 - NameOfEpisode.mkv

Option 6-10 cannot be used with Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.Organizing episodes into folders

TV Shows/The Big Bang Theory

> Season 1
   > Files
> Season 2
   > Files
> Season 3
   > Files

TV Shows/The Office

> Season 1
   > Files
> Season 2
   > Files
> Season 3
   > Files

TV Specials

For episodes classified as ‘specials’ a season number of 00 should be used. Breaking-Bad.S00.E01.mkv Lost.S00.E01.mkv Period, space, underscore, and dash can all be used interchangeably as separator characters for both movies and TV shows.  


A miniseries is handled just like a season-based show, you simply use ‘Season 01’ as the season number.


Anime is currently classified as a TV series, and even though it doesn't usually have seasons (in the typical sense) you will need to include a season number in the filename in order for Infuse to get the correct metadata. This will also allow for Infuse to group all episodes together. For example, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations includes 200+ episodes in Season 1, so a filename like this can be used: Boruto Naruto Next Generations S01 E210.mp4 Tags for Movie Cuts, Parts, and Versions When multiple copies of a movie are present, Infuse will automatically recognize tags in the filename to differentiate between versions. These automatically recognized tags include:

Director’s Cut Extended Cut Theatrical Cut Cinematic Cut Final Cut Unrated Cut TV Cut Uncut Special Edition Ultimate Edition Black & White Wide Screen Full Screen IMAX Part x (cdX, discX, diskX, dvdX, partX, ptX)

You can also add custom tags using the ‘edition’ tag in the filename, in this format. Get Out (2017) {edition-Regular Ending}.mp4 Get Out (2017) {edition-Alternate Ending}.mp4

Tags are only visible while browsing via the Library.

Adult Content

Infuse does not currently download metadata or artwork for titles tagged as adult/explicit on TMDB, as this is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines. You can add your own local metadata and artwork for titles that fall into this category. Missing or Incorrect Metadata & Artwork TMDB is a community-built database with metadata and artwork in many languages. If you happen to run into a title that has missing or incorrect details and/or artwork, the relevant info can be easily added by creating a free TMDB account. Be sure to check out the contribution guidelines if you have questions. Adding artwork and metadata to TMDB is beneficial to the community, as it will be available to Infuse and many other apps. Alternatively, you can use your own local metadata and artwork, if you prefer. Content added or updated on TMDB will be available in Infuse within about 1 day.  

Overriding Artwork and Metadata


In some cases it may be useful to add your own metadata and artwork for specific titles. This may be the case when you want to see a specific image, or add details for things like home videos. Favorite Artwork Custom artwork can be set for favorites by adding an image inside the folder based favorite.

Apple TV favorite-atv.png (or jpg) - 1920 x 1080px recommended size On Apple TV, favorite artwork can also be selected by long-pressing on a favorite icon and choosing the 'Select Favorite Artwork' option. iOS/Mac favorite.png (or jpg) - 1000 x 1500px recommended size Folder Artwork Custom artwork can be set for folders by adding an image inside a folder. folder.png (or jpg) - 1000 x 1500px recommended size

Movie Artwork

Posters Appears in grid and list views To override, place an image with the same name alongside the video file. Inception-2010.mkv Inception-2010.jpg Fanart Appears on details page and Up Next list. To override, place an image with the same name + 'fanart' text alongside the video file.


Appears on details page (iPad, Apple TV, Mac only). To override, place an image with the same name + 'logo' text alongside the video file. Inception-2010.mkv Inception-2010-logo.png (or Inception-2010-clearlogo.png) TV Show Artwork Overriding series/season artwork is available when episodes are organized into folders by season (Series Name/Season X/episodes.mkv). E.G. Breaking Bad/Season 1/Breaking Bad S01E01.mkv Usage details

Episode image

seriesname/season 1/episodefilename.jpg

Season poster

seriesname/season 1-poster.jpg

All Seasons poster


Series poster (available only while using Library)


Series fanart


seriesname/logo.png (or clearlogo.png)

Overriding series/season artwork is not possible when using Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Aliyun Drive. Recommended poster size 1000 x 1500px, (1:1.5 ratio). Recommend landscape image size is 1920 x 1080px or 3840 x 2160px (16:9 ratio).


Textual metadata can also be added manually through the use of XML or NFO files. These files can be created using software like tinyMediaManager and the most common tags will be supported in Infuse.


To override for a movie, place an XML/NFO file with the same name alongside the video file. Inception-2010.mkv Inception-2010.nfo


Sample NFO file Sample XML file